Bruce Christiansen

Bruce is the Group VP of Supply Chain & Logistics for the SaveMart Companies. In this role, Bruce leads our supply chain activities including replenishment, warehousing, and logistics teams to solve the ever-changing puzzle of providing our customers and stores with the right products, at the right time, at the right place, at the best cost.

With strategic and practical experience throughout the food industry, at work Bruce is equal parts executive, supply chain geek, and believer in a blend of people and technology to effect continuous improvement, all in the mission to provide great food to the people in communities served. Bruce has executive experience in both supply chain and sales/merchandising at companies like Albertsons, Supervalu, and Haggen. In addition, his time at Park City Group provided key insights into the power of using systems and information to build better, synchronized supply chains.

On the personal side, he enjoys good food & time with family and friends, being outdoors doing things like hiking, mountain (and occasionally road) biking, and skiing. A fan of sports in general and baseball in particular. He also enjoys woodworking and reading books across a variety of genres.

Fighting hunger and food waste has also long been an important value, and Bruce supports this through his role as Board Chair of Food Lifeline in Seattle (a Feeding America agency).