Peanut Butter Drive

Every year, about five months into the new year, food banks see a decline in donations and an uptick in clients. That’s because thousands of kids who normally rely on free school lunches don’t have anywhere to turn during the summer when classes are over. To help out, our Save Mart and Lucky stores hold a peanut drive for local food banks in May. Food banks like to stock up on this item because it’s nutritious, shelf-stable and kids love it. Shoppers can buy one jar and get one free to donate. We also give customers the ability to roundup their grocery bill and donate the change to the local food bank. For 2016, we collected 21,000 tons of peanut butter. That’s enough to make 300,000 sandwiches and a lot of kids happy. We also recently gave customers the option to round up the change of their grocery bill during the peanut butter drive. For instance, if their tab came to $77.24, they could choose to round up to $78 and donate 76-cents. We collected nearly $10,000 our first year.