The Auburn community has many local and talented artists, one of which is painter Kathleen Ryan.

Kathleen has shown local flavors for many years usually in watercolor paintings but also using colored pencils, graphics and photography. Kathleen designed a watercolor art exhibit displaying Save Mart’s produce and floral department.

“I was looking for material I could turn into an exhibit. The simple circles, ovals and box shapes in Save Mart’s produce department were appealing, as were the bright colors of the pineapples, bell peppers and watermelons,” expressed Kathleen Ryan.

The Auburn Save Mart team was excited to learn that Kathleen was designing an art exhibit that aimed to display the store’s produce and floral offerings. Store Manager Pamela Dobson encouraged Kathleen’s interest in capturing the produce department into paintings and even offered to display the art in front of the store.

“Kathleen has been a shopper at our store for over 30 years,” explained Pamela Dobson, Save Mart Store Manager.  ” We live in such a great community and we are excited to display her local flavor of our store!”

The community can check out Kathleen’s art exhibit in front of the store, next to the community board.