Giving Guidelines for The Save Mart Companies CARES Foundation

The CARES Foundation’s focus is building stronger communities through fresh foods, access to food, and programs that support youth and helping them thrive.
The CARES Foundation does not provide funding for:
− Individuals, except to the extent selected non-profits’ work supports them.
− Fundraisers. It will give to a group or program directly, but not to a fundraising activity that might support such a group or program.
− For-profit groups, professional associations, or similar groups.
− Churches, temples, synagogues, or mosques.
− Any group or program that receives the majority of its funding from federal, state, or local government or related agencies.
− Staff costs or organizations that carry more than best-in class for overhead expenses in their operation, generally 20%.

The CARES Foundation will review, on a quarterly basis, among other things, the breadth of the audience served; the likely impact in the community; the importance of the need to be addressed in the community; and the community reputation, service history, and financial stability of the group or program seeking funds. No one of these or other factors will necessarily be weighted more heavily than another. Instead, each group or program will be measured against all groups and 2 programs seeking funding at the time. For example, a program serving a small segment of the community but that addresses an especially important community need, and thus has the potential for a strong and meaningful impact, would be favored over a group serving a wider clientele but that fills a less important community need. Requests for Grants should be a minimum of $500.00 up to $10,000.00. Programs and organizations requesting smaller grants should contact the Store Manager of the nearest Save Mart Companies’ store location for request consideration.
Recipients that receive grants for more than one year must demonstrate meaningful outcomes for the previous investment made by The CARES Foundation.
Please visit your local store manager for product donation requests, youth sports team sponsorships and community organization fundraiser requests.