You never know when your Japanese language skills will come in handy. Store 65, in the middle of Fresno, got a surprise visit on Tuesday, June 28th.

Store Manager Bennett Lee reports a group of Japanese businessmen and CEOs came through his store. The man leading the Group is the President and CEO of the Kobaya Corporation. They’re from Tokyo and will be in the USA for the week. They are checking out retailers and producers of Dry Goods and Nuts.

Lee lived in the Tokyo area for two years as a Church Representative and taught English on the side. He gave them a tour of his store and much to the visitors’ surprise, Lee answered their questions in Japanese. They even commented how good his command of the language was! As you can imagine, Lee doesn’t use his Japanese skills everyday. Still, he was impressive to his international audience. “It was fun to use the language again,” said Lee. “You never know who may be visiting your store any given day.” Indeed.