For six decades, The Save Mart Companies shoppers have trusted us to provide them with high quality, responsibly raised products from around the globe. That trust requires us to demand high standards for the seafood we source. Our seafood sustainability standards provide The Save Mart Companies shoppers confidence in the seafood variety available in our stores.

The Save Mart Companies is fortunate to have strong seafood supply partners, enabling us to provide our customers with fish from around the globe. This diversity of supply partners ensures that our customers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fish dishes all year. It also challenges us to have a nuanced seafood supply policy that reflects these global differences.

The Save Mart Companies’ Seafood Sustainability Commitment is comprised of five parts:

  • Domestically-caught fish
  • Seafood caught in other nation’s waters
  • Cultivated or farmed fish
  • Improving the global industry
  • Traceability

1. Domestically caught fish: Fishing in the United States’ waters is regulated by the federal National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries implements several federal statutes, including the Magnuson Stevens Act. This system provides significant opportunities for stakeholders to engage in fisheries management and the diversity of inputs strengthens our nation’s marine resources. As a result of this process, leading fisheries scientists and managers identify NOAA fisheries system as a global leader. The Save Mart Companies holds our vendors accountable to the MSA National Standards of sustainability.

2. Seafood caught in other nation’s waters: Fish is the most widely-traded commodity and Americans benefit from enjoying seafood from around the globe. Many nations have very strong sustainability ethics and practices. Other countries’ do not yet have sufficient data or systems in place to completely assure the sustainability of all its fish. Still other fish moves swiftly between nations’ waters and through the high seas. As a result of this complexity, The Save Mart Companies’ commitment for fish caught in U.S. waters is:

Canned tuna: The Save Mart Companies’ suppliers must participate in the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation or the equivalent of the ISSF’s Positive Vessel Register.



For other species: The Save Mart Companies has trusted and long-term seafood supply partners. The Save Mart Companies will require that these suppliers demonstrate that fish from other nations meet sustainability standards. Options might include documentation from fisheries ministers of nation’s with excellent sustainability records, certification by third parties, or studies by recognized researchers in the area. This documentation should reflect the status of a fish stock and its harvests’ impact on the surrounding eco-system. The Save Mart Companies reserves the right and responsibility to require additional documentation for seafood of higher risk.

3. Cultivated or farmed fish: About 50% of the world’s seafood is now farmed. Because of the complexity of farming and the various government agencies that oversees aspects of aquaculture, The Save Mart Companies requires suppliers to attain third party certification of their farmed fish. Options include Best Aquaculture Practices or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

4. Improving the global industry: Some fisheries provide high quality products, but are still in the process of moving towards full sustainability. The Save Mart Companies appreciates the efforts of these fisheries and rather than cut them off, we will support specific fisheries or fish farm operations making measurable progress towards this goal. We are committed to supporting suppliers investing in these improvements.

5. Traceability: Understanding where the fish we provide our customers is essential for sustainability and food safety reasons. To ensure the necessary systems are in place to trace our fish, on a quarterly basis The Save Mart Companies will conduct a seafood recall system test. Our suppliers must be able to demonstrate they can trace the origin of the fish and shellfish they supply The Save Mart Companies to a sustainable source, as defined by this policy.

6. Human Rights: The Save Mart Companies will conduct due diligence to ensure that the seafood products we sell are caught and processed in compliance with International Human Rights Laws.