Long-time Paradise Save Mart shopper, Harold Maurer, recently celebrated his 100th birthday. Save Mart store manager, Paul Azevedo, was invited to the festivities and brought along a cake from the bakery to honor one of his store’s most loved customers!
Harold and his family are no strangers to the store. Senior Director of Operations, Janet Scott got started as a bagger at the Paradise store and still remembers Harold over 34 years later.
“He is full of wisdom and always providing positive advice about managing,” said Azevedo on his many interactions with Harold. The event was filled with friends and Family – many stories were told along pictures shared.
Harold was presented with a commemorative frame noting significant events, pop culture, and costs of goods in 1918 – the year he was born. A pound of butter – $0.58, gallon of milk – $0.56, dozen eggs – $0.57, average yearly income – $1,556.
It goes to show that a lot has changed over the years, but optimism, gratitude, and friendship go a long way.

Happy Birthday Harold!