Public Affairs Manager, Victoria Castro, thanking Carmel High School’s art students for their wonderful contribution to the Carmel Lucky California store.

Lucky California celebrates Carmel’s local talent with an official art reveal of two murals designed and painted by Carmel High School’s art students.

Lucky California shoppers and community members enjoying the art reveal.

Lucky Supermarkets debuted their new Lucky California store in Carmel earlier this year where they announced their partnership with Carmel High School. Lucky California donated $2,000 to the school’s arts program and in return art students created two wonderful art murals that celebrate the food culture of the region.

Carmel Lucky California’s Store Manager, Alesia Moreno (left), with Carmel High School’s art teacher, Steven Russell, and the students who worked on the murals.
Carmel High School’s art teacher and students striking a  pose in front of the murals.

We are pleased to announce both murals are now up and displayed  in front of the store for the entire community to enjoy!

Students enjoying the fruits of their labor.