EVgo inaugurates its 100th California Freedom Station by increasing capacity to serve four times more drivers at a single site

FREMONT, CA (December 8, 2015) The 100th EVgo Freedom Station in California is now open to the public and is the nation’s largest publicly-available multi-standard fast charging site able to serve any vehicle on the road. Located in the hottest electric vehicle (EV) adoption area of the country, the Lucky Fremont location at 5000 Mowry Ave. features four 50kW DC Fast Chargers able to charge vehicles at the same time! Not only are all the chargers equipped with CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo, the station is also pre-wired for as many as four more chargers, which can be added in just days as demand requires.

“This station is the first of a new generation of EV charging in America,” said Terry O’Day, EVgo West Region Vice President. “With this installation, EVgo is crossing a threshold. We are already the largest provider of public DC fast charging. This station is the first of its kind to serve not only this generation, but the next generation of EV’s with more power and range.”

“Lucky is thrilled to offer the convenience of electric car charging stations right at our store. These chargers are so fast, the car should be completely charged by the time a shopper stocking up on groceries for the week is finished,” explained Mike Haaf, General Manager of Lucky, a subsidiary of Save Mart Supermarkets.

With the amount of demand for fast charging shown in Fremont and the location of Lucky just off Interstate 880, EVgo and Lucky believe this will quickly become the busiest public DC Fast charging location in the nation. This Freedom Station is equipped to charge any EV on the road today. DC Fast Charging allows most EVs to get a nearly full charge in less than 30 minutes. With the ability to plug in 9 vehicles, this location offers both the CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo charging standards, in addition to Level 2 charging.

“With such rapid growth in EV adoption, it is important that EVgo’s stations be able to grow just as fast, O’Day said. “That is why this station is designed and built not just to double in size in a matter of days if needed, but to also add power capacity easily up to 150 kW when that technology is available.”

EVgo has now completed 103 charging locations in California and has another 28 in the construction and permitting process. Nationwide, EVgo operates 500 Freedom Stations with more DC Fast Chargers than all other public providers combined.

For more information, visit www.Luckysupermarkets.com or www.nrgevgo.com