The peanut butter drive hosted by all Save Mart and Lucky Supermarkets is making a dent in the fight against hunger. Every year, 152 stores collect peanut butter to help stock the shelves at local food banks. These donations help feed kids during the summer break when they don’t have access to school lunches. Peanut butter is the perfect donation because it’s shelf-stable, packed with protein and popular with kids.


To encourage participation, customers could buy one jar of Jif or Sunny Select Peanut Butter and get one of the same brand free to donate.

The 2017 campaigned netted just under 10 tons of peanut butter and more than $6,300 in cash donations. The two-week event got a boost in a couple of stores. Tammy Erhman and Sarah Falconer  each dressed up in creative, homemade costumes to promote the drive. Jennifer Hatfield made Tammy’s costume. Thank you shoppers for your generous donations!