New technology to transform organic waste to sustainable fertilizer

Modesto, CA. (March 18, 2014) – Save Mart Supermarkets (Save Mart)  and California Safe Soil, LLC, (CSS) a food recycler and maker of sustainable fertilizer, today announced that they have reached an Agreement in Principle for Save Mart to supply organic waste to CSS under a long term contract they expect to negotiate in coming months.  CSS expects to build one or more facilities to process Save Mart’s organics utilizing CSS’s proprietary technology, with the first plant scheduled to be completed by year end 2014.

CSS recycles organic waste into a liquid fertilizer (called Harvest-to-Harvest, or H2H), which is pasteurized for food safety, stabilized for extended shelf life, blended for consistency, and homogenized, for ease of application by farmers through existing farm equipment. H2H replenishes the nutrient value of the soil to increase plant growth.

CSS has conducted independent research tests of H2H on numerous agricultural products in California.  These tests have shown that H2H can contribute to significant crop yield increases, while improving food safety and reducing use of conventional fertilizers, a ‘win-win’ for farmers and the environment.


About CSS – CSS provides a unique full-cycle process that will assist our supermarket customers to recycle their organics, improve store hygiene, and reduce costs, while helping our agricultural customers save money, improve food safety, increase crop yields and reduce nitrate runoff.  We are committed to the science-based recycling of supermarket organics into a safe, easy to use, low cost, high quality fertilizer, H2H.  We will greatly improve our air, water and soil environment, while employing safe, efficient, and effective solutions that meet our customers’ needs.