Break the Barriers Vets had an amazing time at the Valor Games Far West last weekend. So many highs for first time veterans, and even more for Vets who were able to compete once again.  9 lucky athletes participated, coming home with 9 gold and 6 silver medals.

Through financial support like The Save Mart Companies C.A.R.E.S. grant, Veterans can train throughout the year and compete at the Valor Games, The Senior Games, The Wheelchair Games, The Wounded Warrior Games and the Paralympics.

 Donations also helps Break the Barriers run the largest recreation/ educational facility in the nation outside of the VA system. 600+ veterans have signed up & more Vets come through the doors every day.

To run at full strength, the Veterans Program at Break the Barriers must raise approximately $300,000 each year. This is a free program for Vets. Not only is professional training provided with Olympic-certified staff for 8 sports, but BTB also offers the HOPE Program, which helps with rehabilitation. In addition, the organization holds critical thinking classes for our Vets who might be struggling with PTSD:  American Sign Language, Ball Room Dance and Music (instrument /voice). Some Vets mentor students whose parents are incarcerated and are in-need of a role model.